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Wigglepixel Method

Work Method

Wigglepixel is a specialist in creative efficient custom made Interactive Maps and Christmas Cards for Websites and Touch Screens. Because the result is a high-quality custom made product there are a lot of possibilities. Every project is different and the work method is therefore fully tailored to your specific project.

To achieve your goals Wigglepixel uses one of the following approaches:

  • First a concept, then the realization
  • If there is sufficient information, the realization immediately

We roughly follow the phases below, in which Wigglepixel of course keeps the goals in mind for each phase, coordinates with you and communicates clearly.


  1. 1

    First Contact

    When you call you probably already have a number of questions that you would like answers to. Sometimes during the first contact I can already estimate whether Wigglepixel is the right place to realize your wish or idea. But to be able to make the best possible estimate of the required approach, time and prices, more information is usually needed. For this reason Wigglepixel always schedules an intake interview for every new project.

  2. 2

    Intake Interview

    During the intake interview together we'll go through the project step by step. We'll look at the questions that arise and what we can do for each other. This way we immediately check whether we're on the same wavelength and whether we'll start doing this project together. Of course I think along with you with the extensive experience I have and I also think in terms of possibilities and opportunities that may be there for you. The aim is then to prepare a special offer tailored to your project. Good preparation is half the battle and quickly saves unnecessary costs and misunderstandings afterwards.

    The interview can take place via video connection, which Wigglepixel provides for you, or we can meet on location of your company of your company if your company is at a realistic manageable distance from Utrecht. There are costs associated with the conversation, namely 300 euros excl. VAT for a conversation of up to two hours. Two hours is often not a luxury. But if on the spot it turns out that everything is clear and concrete within an hour in order to be able to draw up an offer, Wigglepixel won't make it difficult and the price will be halved. Moreover, if the intake interview is followed by an offer which you then turn into an assignment, these interview costs will be deducted from the final invoice of the realization assignment. So when the realization assignment is completed by Wigglepixel, the intake interview time will cost you nothing on balance (with the exception of any travel and/or parking costs).

    If the conversation takes place on location, only the travel and parking costs incurred will be charged in addition to the costs mentioned above.

  3. 3


    If we have a very concrete and clear idea of ​​what you want, we'll skip this phase and go straight to step 4. If that's not the case yet we may first enter a concept phase. You will then first receive an offer for developing a concept.

    If you agree to this offer, I will work on developing a concept for you so that there is enough information to be able to estimate and build the project concretely in the next phase. A condition of this elaboration is, of course, that Wigglepixel will also take care of the realization itself with that concept. Depending on wishes, project size and possibilities, we'll examine in advance how we'll shape this phase. This can be, for example, first making a quick sketch, and then developing it further into a functional design when approved, if we agree.

    In any case the result will be that there is sufficient information so that Wigglepixel can take care of the realization for you in the next phase.

  4. 4


    We discuss in advance how we will fill in the realization phase. Depending on the project, this phase can also be further subdivided into graphic design and development. The lead time depends on your wishes. If it's clear what the final product should look like and the concept is clear, Wigglepixel will start preparing an offer for the realization phase. By agreeing, Wigglepixel will, based on all the information we've collected by now, getting started developing the product for you.

  5. 5


    Depending on the project size and expectations/wishes of your project, a physical or otherwise targeted test phase may take place. During this phase, the product can be tested on location before it will be finally delivered. For example for doing user tests.

    Whether such an (extensive) test phase is necessary depends on the project size and requirements. And this will always be discussed with you first. But even if there will be no physical test phase, there will always be a moment where you can view the product on- or offline before it will finally be delivered. Adjustments can then be made if necessary.

  6. 6

    Delivery and Maintenance

    After any final corrections the transfer follows. We make agreements about management. During a short course you'll learn the basic operation of the product and the Content Management System with which you can enter the content, depending on what has been agreed.

    The product is dependent on other techniques and products that are subject to significant change; computers and software such as internet browsers that regularly technically change due to updates and new techniques. That is why maintenance of the product is essential. We will also make agreements about this.

Step by Step

Wigglepixel delivers custom products and no project is the same. That's why we decide per project and per step how we are going to shape it and every next step is only taken if you agree.

Hosting and Hardware

Wigglepixel is a specialist in custom programmed software and associated design/illustrations/animations focused on Interactive Maps/Floor Plans and Interactive Christmas Cards for companies. In order to continue to guarantee that Wigglepixel is at the forefront in terms of knowledge, skills and tools and to really remain this specialist, I have therefore consciously chosen not to provide hosting and hardware ourselves. But of course Wigglepixel can give advice, think along and collaborate in this.

Design, Illustrations and Animations

Wigglepixel delivers a completely customized product. As a rule, Wigglepixel will design the designs, any illustrations and animations for this itself. Wigglepixel also sees this as by far the most efficient workflow, because everything is designed and prepared in the right technical format right away. This way we avoid unnecessary conversion steps and meetings, but also possible misunderstandings afterwards and we achieve the best performance of the product. Of course, your wishes will always be taken into account, such as taking into account your own corporate identity, if you wish.

Clear Communication

Wigglepixel is committed to continuing to communicate clearly, but also efficiently. This prevents unnecessary misunderstandings and ensures that you'll soon have a product that's used with great satisfaction and pleasure and that you can look back on a pleasant process without unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Discuss Your Project?

Contact Wigglepixel right away to schedule an intake interview and we might soon toast to the success of your new project! Click here for contact details.

You are the ideal client for Wigglepixel if...

  • You enjoy working with enthusiastic professionals who have a good command of their profession and who deliver the best work
  • It makes you happy if people work for you with passion and like to actively think along with you to unburden you. You simply cannot understand everything, so you enjoy doing business with a specialist
  • You would like to receive advice about opportunities for added value, but you would also like to be told honestly if something is unnecessary or can be done more efficiently
  • You like to do business honestly and based on trust and clear communication and for you counts 'a deal is a deal'
  • You are fed up with non-working technology and 'hassle afterwards'
  • You notice that you often opt for quality products and you understand that this is cheaper and more pleasant for you in the end and (the retention of) your customers, than a short-term pleasure from a price fighter, where the annoying side effects continue for a long time and you have a lot of time, money and energy costs
  • You like to work with professionals who always continue to learn and grow, use modern techniques and technologies and want to deliver every assignment even better and more beautifully than the last
  • You not only find it important that the technology works well, but you can also enjoy a fluent, intuitive and pleasant user experience and design and understand the added value of it

If you can answer 'yes' to more than 50% of the above points, there is a good chance that my method suits you and you like it and I definitely recommend that you contact me!

If besides this you also love water sports, to make music or like good music, I myself am crazy about artists like Nightwish, Beady Belle, Nitin Sawhney, Stromae, Eminem, La Pegatina and everything drum'n'bass/jungle, we will most probably click!

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