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The Interactive Map on a touch screen

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    • Interactive 3D Amusement Park Map Wiggleisland with Dynamic Animations
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    • Complete: concept, graphic design, motion design/animations, development, content
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    • Fully responsive, works well on touch screens (desks) / desktops / tablets / smartphones with both mouse and touch. Multilingual. Two-finger zoom on touchscreens. Many programmed dynamic animations in 3D on the map. Virtual camera's. Night mode. Razor-sharp in all resolutions and when zooming, etc.
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Click, Zoom, Drag

Nowadays you expect a number of standard things on an interactive map, such as zooming with two fingers, dragging and clicking on markers for more information about an attraction, area or activity. Wigglepixel also does all this with smooth animations.


Razor-sharp Graphics, 'Infinite' Zoom and Smooth Animations

Even when zooming in and out, the graphics remain razor-sharp. In addition, the zooms animate steplessly and thus completely smoothly, in contrast to most other existing systems, where, if animation can be done at all, during or after a zoom you see blurred to often even blocky images and stuttering, slow transitions.

Wigglepixel is constantly improving and optimizing the latest techniques for the best performance. And thinks it is important that the interactive map always looks good graphically and with regard to the animations.

A good user experience not only makes an interactive map pleasant to use, but is also important for a good feeling for the user that continues to work through everything and can even make the difference on whether a user actually uses the map. Which is especially important for less tech-savvy visitors. Something that unfortunately is often underestimated by companies.

Dynamic, Interactive Animations on the Map

The attractions on the map animate in a 3D environment and in real time! This means that no use has been made of videos, but that the attractions are actually animated on the spot dynamically and in the 3D world of the map. In this way you can view the animated attractions from all angles on the map, whereby the perspective, the light etc. are always correct. This also ensures that the map loads very quickly and that there's no waiting or large internet bandwidth required to use the map.

Because all animations are dynamic and are programmed, it's also possible to have the animations fully adapted to parameters, wishes of a user, what a user clicks, what the weather is like, whether there are queues for the attraction, external data or what ever you'd like them to be adapted to or controlled by.

Touch screen, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

The interactive map is set up to be responsive, which means that it adapts to the screen and device on which it is running. As a result, the map not only runs well on life-size touchscreens in an amusement park or on desktop computers at users' homes via a website, but also on tablets and smartphones of amusement park visitors.

Virtual Cameras

On this map it's possible as a visitor to literally view the island virtually from a moving attraction. For example, you can view the map from a train, the Ferris wheel, the revolving tower or from the hot air balloon. Simply on the touchscreen, via a tablet, desktop computer or a smartphone!

Wigglepixel delivers Custom-Made

Wigglepixel makes interactive maps and floor plans completely tailored to your wishes. These will, of course, first be discussed in an intake meeting, in which I really think along with you about the possibilities.

And by customization I mean ... customization! Wigglepixel isn't bound by any specific software or techniques and therefore we aren't talking about just changing a logo here, or even changing the entire layout, but literally everything can be built completely according to your wishes.

Of course, Wigglepixel doesn't have to reinvent the wheel to do so, but can draw on years of experience, knowledge and acquired techniques and tools in this specialist area.

More Information

Would you like more information about the possibilities? Also take a look at the expertise page Interactive Maps. On that page you'll also find a video demo of an interactive map with a voice-over that tells you more about the possibilities.

Do you have more questions or would you like to discuss your new project? Please contact me to schedule a meeting. And who knows, we might toast to the success of your next project!

Your visitors deserve a well made Interactive Map


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