Webfolie Website

    • description
    • Website, Flash apps and animations webfolie.nl.
    • period
    • 2011
    • my job
    • Graphics design and development in Flash/AS3.
    • specifics
    • Razor sharp in all screen resolutions. Communcation between website and applications/animations.
Webfolie menu


Webfolie.nl is my older portfolio with Flash projects. The website menu on the left loads the Flash apps to show portfolio content.

Webfolie post it


An interactive and dynamic post-it block shows information about each portfolio item. I have programmed this so that it reads data from the server and can be controlled by the current Flash app as chosen by the user.

Webfolie logodrink

Logo Drink

Each click on the orange liquid in one of the cocktails creates animating bubbles with the shape of a logo. These bubbles keep moving happily through the glass. You can move the glasses with drag'n'drop.

Webfolie videoplayer

Video Player

To display videos in the portfolio I have built my own video player. This app plays videos, but also navigates the post-its to the right page.

Webfolie flying mail

Flying Mail

Animation of randomly flying envelopes.

Webfolie photoswap

Photo Changer

The dynamic photo changer reads images from the server and flips through them at a single click to the next or previous one with a flip-over animation.

Webfolie memory


The well-known game. Can be played with images and sound clips. With an open source gimmick.

Webfolie drawings

Image Player

To be able to view still images in the portfolio I constructed my own image player. This not only shows images, but also navigates the post-its to the corresponding page.

Webfolie xmas card

Interactive Christmas Card

This Christmas card is built with the idea that a single card is not good enough for the receiver. Therefore, this Christmas card lets virtually unlimited cards move by on a clothes line. The clothes line is composed of the green sine, like the Webfolie logo, that never stops waving.

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