Te land, Ter zee en In de lucht

    • program
    • Te land, Ter zee en In de lucht (On land, At sea and In the air)
    • client
    • Ren√© Stokvis Productions, TROS
    • period
    • A few years. Starting around the year 2000
    • my job
    • Design and development graphics software for timekeeping and on-screen graphics. Live graphics operator at location.
    • specifics
    • System communication with start gun and finish bell for timekeeping. Job done under the flag of NOB/Ciris.
Te land ter zee interview

Te land, Ter zee... (On land, At sea and In the air)

The well-known 'Te Land, Ter Zee en In de Lucht' is the longest-running entertainment program on Dutch television.

Broadcasted by the TROS from 1971 in this program people with homemade cars, boats, planes and other vehicles attempt to finish a trail, which is usually built somewhere in a Dutch city.

There are several versions of this game, but the common factor of these games is that it is stopped by a brightly colored bell marking the finish time at the end of the trail.

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