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    • Done under the flag of NOB/Ciris/DutchView.
On air

On Air (NCRV, 2010)

On Air was a talk show of NCRV broadcasted daily live from a portable master control room in Lounge 2 at Schiphol Airport. In this program Harm Edens talked with outgoing vacationers, celebrities and other guests in the fields of sport, culture and politics.

Pauw en witteman

Pauw & Witteman (VARA, 2006-2010)

Pauw & Witteman was a talk show of VARA. The program was presented by Jeroen Pauw and Paul Witteman. There were discussions on actual news topics, often with one or more guests from politics. The program was broadcasted live every weekday around 23:00 on the first Dutch national channel (Nederland 1) from Studio Plantage in Amsterdam. Later from De Westergas-fabriek, in Amsterdam.

De wereld draait door logo

De Wereld Draait Door (VARA, 2005-2010)

De Wereld Draait Door (The world goes on) is a Dutch television program of VARA, broadcasted live at weekdays from De Westergas-fabriek in Amsterdam. Previously from Studio Plantage in Amsterdam. The program is presented by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and presents a mix of news, information and entertainment.

Nse studio

NSE (Talpa, 2005-2006)

NSE stands for News, Sports and Entertainment. NSE was a daily Dutch TV-program broadcasted live on Talpa/Tien from Studio 1 at the Dutch Media Park. The program rapidly served short items.

Presenters: Beau van Erven Dorens and Bridget Maasland, but also Jort Kelder, Jeroen van Kan, Pauline de Wilde, Jan Joost van Gangelen, Humberto Tan, Harmke Pijpers, Inge Ipenburg, Evert Santegoeds en Dennis Wilt en Sjimmy Bruijninckx for the weather.


Nieuwslicht (VARA, 2005)

This program serves beautiful, exciting and fascinating stories from actual and relevant science. In the early years Paul Witteman presented this program, later Menno Bentveld took his place. Nieuwslicht contains own experiments, original animations and highlights innovative techniques. Presenter Menno Bentveld occasionally is a test person in the program. For example to eat mushrooms or to take a seat on the polygraph.

Tv3 logo

TV-3 (NPS, 2004-2005)

TV3 was a live TV-program broadcasted daily live from De Stadschouwburg (City Theatre) in Amsterdam in summer seasons. About news from the media and culture world. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk and Hadassah de Boer presented the program. Aldith Hunkar, the duo Mijke Loeven & Jamaine van de Vegt and Art Rooijakkers took care of short reports.

Vara laat

VARA Laat (VARA, 2003-2004)

'VARA Laat' (VARA Late) was a TV-program of VARA from September 29th 2003 until 2004 was broadcasted in the late night from Monday to Thursday. The program looks back on the news of the day in a humorous way. Presented by comedians Dolf Jansen, Klaas van Eerden and Claudia de Breij.

Verkiezingen 2003

Landelijke Verkiezingen (NOS, 2003)

On January 22, 2003 the parliamentary elections were broadcasted live from The Hague, The Netherlands.


Aperitivo (D&D producties/RTL4, 2003-2005)

Aperitivo was a program on RTL4. Presented by Esther Duller and later Myrna Goossen. There were talks about food and lifestyle. The program was broadcasted live every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the afternoon from Studio 6 at the Media Park in Hilversum.

Beau rivage

Beau Rivage (Yorin, 2002)

In the talkshow 'Beau Rivage' Beau van Erven-Dorens brought the news of the last week in a charming but astutely way in the presence of various guests. These late night broadcasts were broadcasted weekly live from Mercury Hotel in Amsterdam.

Rtl boulevard

RTL Boulevard (Blue Circle/RTL4, 2001-2010)

RTL Boulevard is a Dutch show on RTL 4, which is broadcasted live on weekdays. The program is set up as the television equivalent of a tabloid. Different items and reports alternate in high tempo with themes such as showbiz, royalty, crime and lifestyle. The program is presented by a fixed host and one or two experts, guests and other newsmakers.

Later wordt het leuk

Later Wordt Het Leuk (VARA, 2001-2003)

Later Wordt het Leuk (Afterwards it will be Funny) was a talkshow in which presenter/comedian Dolf Jansen had to have unprepared conversations with for him unknown guests. He was assisted by a guest presenter who had been able to prepare himself. This guest asked Dolf a question at the beginning of the program which was related to the theme of the show. After the last conversation at the end of the show Dolf had to answer that question.

Kassa felix meurders

Kassa (VARA)

Kassa (Checkout) is a consumer program of VARA that is broadcasted each week live on the Dutch public service channel presented by Felix Meurders.


Netwerk (Avro/KRO/NCRV)

Netwerk (Network) is the name of a former current affairs program at the first Dutch public service channel (Nederland 1). The program was broadcasted on weekdays live from the AKN building in Hilversum.

Sport aan tafel

Sport aan Tafel (Endemol/RTL5, 1999-2001)

Sport aan Tafel (Sports at the Table) was a talkshow about sports broadcasted live from Studio 23 at the Dutch Media Park. It was presented by Ruud ter Weijden. Alternating guests discussed the current sports news. Regular guests were Johan Derksen, Hugo Camps and Jan Mulder.

Ontbijt tv

Ontbijt TV (Ikon/KRO/NCRV, rond 1999)

Ontbijt TV (Breakfast TV) was a live program that every morning aimed to keep people up to date on the latest news, backgrounds, weather and traffic information by the ANWB.

Business update rolph pagano

Business Update (Endemol/RTL4, 1999)

Business Update was a business program for entrepreneurs with news updates and interviews, in which among others the major IPOs were shown. Presented by Rolph Pagano and Elleke van Doorn.


Nova/Den Haag Vandaag (VARA/NPS, 1998-2000)

NOVA was a Dutch current affairs program by VARA and NPS, in cooperation with the NOS program Den Haag Vandaag (The Hague Today). It was broadcasted live from Studio 8 at the Media Park in Hilversum on weekday nights on the Dutch public service channel.

Nos studio sport

NOS Studio Sport en Sportjournaal (NOS, 1998-2001)

NOS Studio Sport is the long-term and best-known Dutch sports program by NOS. Initially only broadcasted on Sunday night, later, more and more broadcasts were added. Like NOS Sportjournaal (NOS Sports News).

Nos journaal

NOS Journaal (NOS, 1998-2000)

NOS Journaal (NOS News) is the collective name of the NOS news broadcasts on radio and television. NOS editors of all news programs work together under the name NOS Journaal in the Videocentrum-building (Video centre) at the Media Park in Hilversum. In The Hague NOS political editors are located with a fully equipped radio studio and TV-studio.


Buitenhof (NPS/VARA/VPRO, 1998-2000)

Buitenhof is a political debate and discussion program which is broadcasted Sunday-mornings on a public service broadcast-channel. Live from Studio Plantage in Amsterdam.

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