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    • Several talent shows on TV.
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    • Several producers/broadcasters.
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    • Graphics operator/developer in studios and on location.
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    • Done under the flag of NOB/Ciris/DutchView.
Popstars the rivals logo

Popstars The Rivals (Endemol/RTL4, 2004)

Popstars the Rivals was a search for the best Dutch singing talent. Two experienced record managers accept the challenge to form two rival rock bands from thousands of candidates: a boy band and a girl group. In the preliminaries the record managers determine wich of the 20 candidates proceed to the live shows. Ultimately the viewers decide in the live shows wich of the ten singers and singers are allowed to go to the next round.

Popstars the rivals boyband

Once the bands are formed the competition starts in full force. Both the boys and the girls make a recording. The big question in the final is: which band is number one by Christmas, the boys or the girls? The boy band called MEN2B and the girl band Raffish.

Avro sterrenjacht logo

AVRO Sterrenjacht (Endemol/AVRO, 2004)

AVRO Sterrenjacht was a talent show broadcasted weekly live from Studio 1 in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. This show was started to search for the new multi-talent in singing and dancing in the Netherlands.

Avro sterrenjacht jury

The prize was to play a lead role (or at least important) in a musical by Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions. The program consisted of 9 episodes and was presented by Winston Gerschtanowitz.

Starmaker logo

Starmaker (Endemol/Veronica/Yorin, 2001)

Starmaker was a Dutch television program on Yorin, broadcasted in 2001, in which a group of selected young people formed a band in the old Big Brother house.

Starmaker kandidaten

Idols logo

Idols (Blue Circle/RTL4, 2004)

Idols is a global talent show on television, which started in autumn 2002. Live broadcasted from Studio 22 at the Media Park in Hilversum. Presenters: Tooske Breugem and Reinout Oerlemans.

Idols kandidaten

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