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Big brother het huis
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    • Several reality TV programs.
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    • Graphics operator in studios and on location.
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    • Done under the flag of NOB/Ciris/DutchView.
Big brother finale

Big Brother 1 (Endemol/Veronica, 1999)

Big Brother originally was a Dutch TV-program developed by John de Mol and Paul Römer.

In the program, a group of people spent a hundred days in a house that was equipped with cameras so they could be monitored constantly by its viewers. After 100 days, one of the participants won a cash prize.

Big brother rolf wouters

Every Thursday evenening there was a live broadcast, presented by Rolf Wouters. During this live broadcast summaries were shown of the week in the Big Brother house and the host got in contact with the occupants of the house. During the live broadcast, broadcasted from Almere, The Netherlands, there was also announced wich candidate had to leave the house. And various statistics were shown.

Big brother germany

Big Brother Germany (Endemol/RTL II, 2000)

The German version of the famous program. Live-graphics during the broadcast of Big Brother in Germany. Live from Cologne.

De bus logo

De Bus (Endemol/SBS6, 2000)

Eleven diverse candidates were being followed from within a luxury double-decker, 18 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 4 meters high, for 16 weeks.

Various elements of the counterpart Big Brother also appear in De Bus: Internet live streams, a weekly live broadcast and the ability for the viewer to vote to let candidates go away.

Unlike Big Brother, however, De Bus spends more time and attention to the selection of the candidates. These preliminaries also get broadcasted.

Hotel big brother logo

Hotel Big Brother (Endemol/Talpa, 2006)

Reality Soap in which seven major Dutch live in the Big Brother house, converted to a hotel and restaurant. In originally eight, later seven weeks, the residents try to collect as much money as possible for the Red Cross.

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