My Spanish Game - Questioning Game

The goal of this game is to train your Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Turn on the sound. Click the orange 'Start'-button to start and type your answers in the field below. Words appear in a random sequence and will return, only if you didn't translate them correctly.

Click on 'judge' to judge your answer and 'next word' to continue. If a word is there for the nth time, a new orange button below appears letting you view your previous incorrect answers to help you improve. Click 'start new game' to shuffle the words again and start a new game. All words are than back in the game.

    • description
    • Educational serious game and game editor for My Spanish Game, allowing users to train their Spanish vocabulary with a quiz.
    • my job
    • Graphics design and game development front-/backend.
    • specifics
    • Razor sharp in all screen resolutions. Visitors upload their own game content with the online game editor. Originally developed in Flex/Flash/AS3, rebuilt in Javascript. Data exchange between game and server.

My Spanish Game

My Spanish Game was a website on wich registered users can create games. They, or other visitors, play those games to train their Spanish language skills.

For the website I made some games that enables registered users to create new games with their content: Memory, Questioning and Hangman. I am also responsible for the concept, design and development of the My Spanish Game website itself.


Questioning is a quiz in which the user gets Spanish words or phrases presented at random as exam. The user has to type in the Dutch or Spanish translation in the input field. If the answer is right, the user gets points for that. Wrong answers are being stored and those questions come back regularly until the user inputs the right translation.

This way, the easiest questions quickly get out of the game and the hardest words keep coming back, making the most difficult words most practiced. If a question was answered incorrectly before, the RETRY indicator blinks to indicate this. The player can review his/her previous (wrong) answers on those questions by opening the wrong-answers list.

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