Turn on your soundsystem to hear the audio cards. Click 'Start new game' to shuffle the cards and start a new game. Find all pairs. Click 'show solution' if you want to reveal the left pairs. You may start another (new) game.

description: Educational serious game and game editor for My Spanish Game, allowing users to train their Spanish vocabulary by playing memory.
my job: Graphics design and game development front/backend.
specifics: Visitors upload their own game content with the online editor. Originally developed in Flex/Flash/AS3, rebuild in Javascript. Collaboration with illustrator Emily Zieroth (Canada) and voice-over Jo Rubio (Spain). Data exchange between game and server.

My Spanish Game

MySpanishGame is a website on wich registered users can create games. They, or other visitors, play those games to train their Spanish language skills.
For the website I made some games that enables registered users to create new games with their content: Memory, Questioning and Hangman. I am also responsible for the concept, design and development of the My Spanish Game website itself.

My Spanish Game

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