Interactive Floor Plan De Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair)

Presentation video with voice over (don't forget to turn on the sound!)

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    • Interactive Exhibition Floor Plan De Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair)
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    • Complete: Graphical design, interactive motion design, development, set up CMS
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    • Fully responsive, works well on touch screens (desks) / desktops / tablets / smartphones with both mouse and touch. Multilingual. Includes user-friendly Content Management System with live preview. Two-finger gesture zoom on touch screens. Two-click route planner with animation and option to take into account crowds. Search on map. Layers. Marker clustering. Interface, map and zoom animations. Fully customizable content blocks, like texts, photos, videos, links, animations, other interactives, social media etc. Razor-sharp in all resolutions and when zooming in etc. Analytics.

Presentation video

Below a number of highlights of this interactive map. But it's recommended to also watch the presentation video above. In the video a number of options are shown and explained step. At the end of the video you will have a good understanding of some of the possibilities for interactive exhibition floor plans by Wigglepixel.

Click, Zoom, Drag

Click, zoom, drag

Nowadays you expect a number of basic things on an interactive map, such as zooming with two fingers, dragging and clicking on stands and/or markers for more information. But it only starts there with this Wigglepixel map.

Wigglepixel does all this, unlike other companies/products, not only with smooth animations, but offers many more possibilities to enhance the user experience and makes the floor plan not only simple and understandable, but also multifunctional, powerful, pleasant to use and fast.

Route Planner with Animation

Two-Clicks Route Planner with Animation

With just two clicks on the map, a user quickly gets to see the fastest route to a stand in which the user is taken from a starting position to that one stand with a smooth animation.

If you want it as a customer, the map can even take into account current crowds or 'traffic' jam on the paths when calculating the fastest route.

Search on the Floor Plan

Search on the Map

The floor plan is not made of paper, but is digital. So searching is also possible. This way, a fair visitor can quickly and easily find a stand, activity or whatever you would like to find on the map.

When you click on a search result, the map immediately zooms in to that position on the map and the informative content is displayed. Super fast and user-friendly.

Responsive Interactive Map

Touchscreen, Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

The floor plan is fully responsive, which means that it adapts to the screen and device on which it is running. The floor plan makes optimal use of the available screen space and therefore not only runs well on life-size touchscreens at the trade fair or desktop computers at users' homes, but also on tablets and smartphones of fair visitors.

In addition, with a simple click, a user can also make the content panel in which information is displayed on the right of the screen, for example for displaying stand information, use the full screen. By using the full screen, the content will always be presented in the best possible way.

Content Panel

Content Management System with Live Preview

As a customer you have access to a user-friendly Content Management System for entering the content. There you can easily add various forms of content to the content panel that the user sees when clicking on a stand or marker. Such as...

  • Photo's
  • Texts with layout and hyperlinks
  • Videos
  • Animations
  • Other interactive content
  • Social media related content
  • etc.

Wigglepixel develops floor plans completely customized, so pretty much anything can be added here as desired.

A unique Live Preview within the CMS shows you exactly during input how the content will be shown to a user on the floor plan. Even before you publish these changes.

Infinite Zoom

Razor-sharp Graphics, 'Infinite' Zoom and Smooth Animations

Unlike other systems, such as Google Maps, Wigglepixel floor plans can zoom in practically infinitely while retaining quality and always razor-sharp graphics.

Animating zoom animations on Wigglepixel floor plans is stepless and therefore completely smooth, unlike the vast majority of other existing systems, where, if animated at all, during or after a zoom you will have to deal with blurred to often even blocky images and stuttering slow transitions.

Wigglepixel is constantly improving and optimizing and uses the latest techniques for the best performance. And thinks it's important that the floor plan always looks good graphically and with regard to the animations.

A good user experience not only makes a floor plan pleasant to use, but is also important for a good feeling with the user that works through in everything and can even make an important difference whether a user actually uses the floor plan or doesn't. Which is especially important for less tech-savvy visitors. Something that unfortunately is often underestimated by companies.

Halls Overview


In contrast to a map on paper, an interactive map can also work with layers that can be switched on or off.

As in this case, for example, a layer with all exhibition halls, which allows you as a user to quickly conjure up an overview of all exhibition halls, which gives you as an exhibition visitor the opportunity to zoom in on a hall with a single click and to explore it further.


Only see what you want to see

For fair visitors it's nice not to have a map on paper that is full of information, colorful colors and texts, making them no longer see the wood for the trees. It's very welcome to be able to decide for yourself what you do and do not want to see on the map.

In addition to working with layers, a search function, content that only appears when needed and markers that are automatically grouped together when they overlap so that things never become messy, other options, such as the legend, can also be shown or hidden as desired by the user. And marker groups can be switched on and off independently of each other.

Multi Language Support

Support for Multiple Languages

The exhibition visitor can choose a display language for the map. When switching to a different language, not only the language of the map interface changes, but the associated translated content will be displayed when, for example, a search is made or a marker or stand is clicked.

Video Content in the Content Panel

Wigglepixel delivers Custom-Made

Wigglepixel makes interactive floor plans completely tailored to your wishes. These will, of course, first be discussed in an intake meeting, in which I really think along with you about the possibilities.

And by customization I mean ... customization! Wigglepixel isn't bound by any specific software or techniques and therefore we aren't talking about just changing a logo here, or even changing the entire layout, but literally everything can be built completely according to your wishes.

Of course, Wigglepixel doesn't have to reinvent the wheel to do so, but can draw on years of experience, knowledge and accumulated techniques and in-house developed tools in this specialist area.

Content Panel

More Information

Would you like more information about the possibilities? Also take a look at the expertise page Interactive Maps.

Do you have more questions or would you like to discuss your new project? Please contact me to schedule an intake meeting. And who knows, we might toast to the success of your next project!

Your visitors deserve a well made Interactive Map


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