Wat heet!

program: Wat heet! / Hoe Heet! Quiz
client: VARA
period: 2007
my job: Development game software and graphics templates with animations for live quiz.
specifics: Job done under the flag of DutchView.

Wat heet! (How hot!)

'Wat heet!' was a daily TV-program VARA aired in the summer of 2007 at the third Dutch public service channel (Nederland 3).
The program was produced by the same team as 'De Wereld Draait Door'.
Presenters: Lennart Booij, Patrick Lodiers, Isolde Hallensleben, Leon Verdonschot, Tom Egbers, Dione de Graaf and Menno Bentveld.

Hoe heet! Quiz

Hoe Heet! Quiz (Whats the Name! Quiz)

In each episode there was a quiz with international TV-images: 'Wat heet!'. During this game questions were asked at two players.
Any good answered question offers the player an additional pepper.

Impress and Tell it with Interactives and Animations

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