Het Beste Idee van Nederland (The Best Idea of The Netherlands

program: Het Beste Idee van Nederland (The Best Idea of ​​The Netherlands)
client: IDTV, SBS6, Stichting Het Beste Idee van Nederland
period: A few years until 2008
my job: Design and development multi-monitor system and remote server for jury displays.
specifics: Client/server connections. System communication between graphics computer and monitor server. Job done under the flag of DutchView.

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Het Beste Idee van Nederland (The Best Idea of The Netherlands)

In 'Het Beste Idee van Nederland' everyone gets a chance to present his or her idea to a jury. The winner will receive, in addition to the fact his/her idea is put into production, a cash prize of 25,000 Euros. Presenters: Henkjan Smits and Tooske Ragas.

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