• program
    • Heartbeat, Heartbeat VIPS, Heartbeat Kids and foreign versions.
    • client
    • Endemol, Avro
    • period
    • 2002 - 2006
    • my job
    • Development and design graphics/game software. Live graphics operator in the Netherlands. Technical setup studio and training/guidance Portuguese operator in Lisbon.
    • specifics
    • Job done under the flag of NOB/Ciris/DutchView.
Heartbeat software


Tense game where the time per question is not measured in seconds, but in the heartbeats of the candidate.

The candidate gets 500 beats per question. The more nervous the candidate, the less time to answer the question.


For each question are given ten possible answers of which five are right. The participant may seek assistance by calling friends or experts. To collect the accumulated money the player can play a special cash round. For the cash question are also given ten possible answers, but this time it is not known how many of them are right.

There is no visible host present. The candidate will be instructed through a voice-over. In the Dutch version, this voice over is Sipke Jan Bousema.

Impress and Tell it with Interactives for Websites and Touch Screens


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