description: Flevokans / Leraarplaats Flevoland Website.
client: Flevokans
period: 2013
my job: Webdevelopment frontend/backend.
specifics: Programmed into SilverStripe MVC Framework/PHP. CMS modified to specific needs. Built for Flevokans under the flag of Fier.


The Flevokans project aims to recruit teachers and retain the Flevoland education.

Website development

Flevokans homepage

The Flevokans website consists of a number of different page types with associated logic and templates which can be placed on the website and filled with data from within the CMS by the staff. I set up the website backend and programmed frontend. The main purpose of the website is to show teaching jobs vacancies. Jobs can be added from within the the CMS by the stafff and displayed sorted and filtered by the website visitors looking for a job.

Impress and Tell it with Interactives and Animations

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