program: Eén Tegen 100 (1 vs. 100)
client: Endemol for Postcodeloterij, RTL4, Tien/Talpa, NCRV and several foreign TV channels.
period: Starting 2007
my job: Design and development graphics/game software. Setting up templates 3D graphics/animations. Training/guidance Dutch and foreign operators.
specifics: Four Channels real-time 3D graphics system by network between computers. Advanced Undo. System communication with studio lights, sound, video mixer and voting system. Job done under the flag of DutchView.

Een tegen 100 logo

Eén Tegen 100 (1 vs. 100)

1 vs. 100 is a game show created by Endemol that is aired in several countries. The game pits one person against 100 others for a chance to win a large cash prize. The game first aired in the Netherlands as Eén tegen 100, sponsored by the Nationale Postcode Loterij (National Postal Code Lottery). Host Dutch version: Caroline Tensen.

Impress and Tell it with Interactives and Animations

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