program: BankGiroLoterij - De Gemene Deler (Divided)
client: Talpa, RTL, Bankgiroloterij
period: 2008
my job: Design and development game software.
specifics: Multichannel graphics output for on-screen graphics and scores displays. System Communication with video mixer, lights, sound and game hardware. Job done under the flag of DutchView.

De Gemene Deler studio

De Gemene Deler (Divided)

The RTL4-game show BankGiroLoterij De Gemene Deler is all about confidence. Winning trust, but also to give confidence.
Three each for each unknown candidates must rely blindly on knowledge, as working together well as a team brings in money.
The combined prize pool increases as they rapidly unanimous answer more questions correctly together.
In this nerve-racking quiz not only general knowledge is important, but also people skills, persuasiveness, agility, speed and coolness.

Impress and Tell it with Interactives and Animations

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