program: De Grote Geschiedenisquiz (The Big History Quiz)
client: NPS, NTR
period: Starting 2001
my job: Design and development game software. Game control in studio, preparing questions and graphical editing question photos.
specifics: Multi-channel real-time graphics output for graphics on screen and on candidate displays with scores and answers. System communication with laptops of candidates, game buttons and lights. Job done under the flag of NOB/Ciris/DutchView.

De Avond van de Grote Geschiedenisquiz candidates

De Grote Geschiedenisquiz (The Big History Quiz)

Ten prominent Dutch compete against ten (yet) unknown in the field of historical knowledge. The unknowns qualified themselves for the finals from the preliminaries in the Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper) and the Historical Newspaper. Host: Joost Karhof.

Impress and Tell it with Interactives and Animations

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