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    • Website Brabants Landschap.
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    • Webdevelopment frontend/backend.
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    • Programmed into SilverStripe MVC Framework. CMS modified to specific needs. Development custom GoogleMaps Module with media elements, effects and multilayered zoom. Development DrawingMaps module to allow markers to be placed on drawings from within the CMS.¬†Built for Brabants Landschap under the flag of Fier.</p>

Brabants Landschap

Brabants Landschap is one of the twelve Provincial Landscapes in the Netherlands. This conservation organization manages a large number of valuable natural areas in the province of North Brabant.

Website development

The Brabants Landschap website consists of a number of different page types with their own templates and logic which can be used from within the CMS by the staff. I set up the website and programmed both the entire backend and the programmed frontend. The website is designed to run on browsers from Internet Explorer 8 up, so appears well in all major browsers.

Custom Google Maps module

I have developed a Google Maps module for the SilverStripe CMS. Allowing Brabants Landschap employees to fill maps of landscapes with markers, information texts and media from within the CMS.

Video capture Google Maps module

Drawing Maps Module

Due to the success of the applied Google Maps cards I also built a Drawing Maps module. With this Brabants Landschap is capable to place markers, texts, images and videos on landscape drawings too.

Brabants landschap drawing map
Screenshot Drawings Maps module

Your visitors deserve a well made Interactive Map


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