Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Services and Products

    • What are interactives?


      Conventional illustrations, photos and videos are static. Once they are made they remain the same forever. An interactive instead is dynamic and can contain dynamic, varying and animated content. An interactive can be operated by a visitor on a website or touch screen. Interactives can do much more than just start and stop; such as clicking, dragging, swiping, rotating, zooming etc. The possibilities are endless and fantasy is the limit.

      Because a Wigglepixel interactive is always tailor-made, it can also use (real-time) external data sources to modify content or style or send data to other systems. The user experience can be tailor-made for the device and the user.

      More detailed advantages of interactives you'll find in the expertises pages per section.

    • What services does Wigglepixel serve?


      A detailed description of Wigglepixel services can be found on the expertises page.

    • How long does it take to create a project?


      Wigglepixel delivers custom made work. Every project is different and, depending on various factors, will be designed, animated and programmed according to your wishes. This does not apply per linear meter. To give you a realistic indication, we first discuss your wishes during a conversation. Please contact me to schedule a meeting or if you want more information.

      Read more about Wigglepixel services per section on the expertises pages.

    • Does Wigglepixel also supply freelancers?


      No, Wigglepixel doesn't do freelance work, but delivers custom products and services. For more information see the expertises page.

  • Covid19/Corona

    • What measures is Wigglepixel taking against Covid19/Corona?


      Because Wigglepixel works digitally and does a lot remotely, since Covid19/Corona, the majority of the methods haven't changed radically. Below you can read what has changed.

      Meetings via video connection

      Meetings are now mainly done via an online video connection. Wigglepixel arranges this connection and you only need an internet browser and a webcam with microphone. You don't even have to create an account for this. Via this connection, us and your screen can also be shared via video so that you can watch this.

      In practice, this works to the satisfaction of customers and appears to be practical for business meetings and a good alternative that also saves a trip! This way you can still see each other, no matter how far the Corona measures of the government at that time go!

      In any case, as long as the pandemic isn't over, a video connection is the preferred method for meetings. If you don't have a webcam, we'll simply have conversations by telephone or we will look for other options available at that time.


      Site visits will be avoided for the time being where possible. For the realization and rollout of interactives for internet applications, a visit is normally not necessary and this can easily be done remotely. Where there is no other option, such as projects with external touchscreens, the possibilities will depend on the applicable government measures at that time.

      During the Corona pandemic, at least for the time being, at least the 1.5 meters distance will always be kept and a mouth mask will always be worn at least in indoor areas. Of course, that is also expected of customers. If customers do not adhere to the 1.5 meter rule, mouth masks advice/obligation and government measures, Wigglepixel may decide to cancel a visit. But of course I assume that it will not be necessary!

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