Educational and Informative Interactives

Communicate complex information effectively, attractively and interactively. Make knowledge transfer and learning an experience that is efficient and challenging and ensures better results.

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Educational and Informative Interactives
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Wigglepixel - Interactives and Code-Based Animations

Wigglepixel is specialized in designing and programming creative and efficient custom made interactives and code-based animations for websites and touchscreens.

Conventional illustrations, photos and videos are static. Once they have been created, they forever remain the same. An interactive instead is dynamic and can therefore contain dynamic animating content. The user experience can be tailored to the device and the user.

Examples Educative and Informative Interactives

Every 2D or 3D interactive is custom-built. Therefore it's just impossible to give a single example that is representative of all possibilities. The examples below are therefore only a random choice. If you want more information about the possibilities, please contact me and we will discuss your specific question or project. Also take a look at the portfolio.

Color Space 3D interactive

Click and drag to view the color space from all sides. Compare color spaces by clicking on the navigation arrows.

Color Wheel interactive

Select a color model with the rgb and cmy buttons. Use the arrows to navigate between primary, secondary and tertiary colors of the chosen color model. Click and turn the wheel to look from a different angle.

Color Spaces Comparison interactive

Click on the navigation arrows to compare color-spaces.

10 Reasons for an Educational or Informative Interactive of Wigglepixel

  1. 1

    Interactives and animations help you to absorb information more quickly

    Properly transferring complex matter works demonstrably better with animations. Moreover, by allowing the user to interact with the interactive, multiple senses are also used simultaneously, which increases the recording of information even more. A good interactive is therefore the ideal learning form.

  2. 2

    The interactive is made for you in 2D, 2.5D or 3D

    Expertises dimensions

    Interactives can be made in 2D, 3D, or a mix of the two. Each variant has its own advantages. Wigglepixel helps you to make the right choice for your project.

  3. 3

    With an interactive you can communicate a lot of information on a small screen

    Wigglepixel interactions are always built with responsive and adaptive techniques. This means that your interactive runs on a wide range of screen sizes and devices. Whether visitors look at a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or a large touchscreen screen at the exhibition or in an amusement park, the map always automatically adjusts itself for the best possible display on the screen. By having a user determine which information he or she wants to see, there is much more to communicate on a smaller screen.

  4. 4

    An interactive gives the user possibilities to literally view matter from all sides

    3D interactives can literally be viewed from multiple angles. But also with 2D interactives matter can be viewed from different perspectives. By giving the user possibilities to change the state of the interactive, he or she can determine what he or she wants to see. Very efficient.

  5. 5

    A well crafted interactive ensures a better experience and returning visitors

    Whether it is about an interactive on your e-learning website or on a desk in your museum or digiboard, by giving your users a nice interactive experience they will come back automatically. A game element can contribute extra to this. An online interactive can also be easily shared on social media to attract visitors.

  6. 6

    Links with other systems are possible for displaying or managing data

    Do you want to track learning results of visitors digitally in your learning system? View external data live in the interactive? Create links with social media, Google Analytics, smartphone sensors or another data source? No problem.

  7. 7

    Wigglepixel interactions always animate attractive, fluid and intuitive

    An interactive made by Wigglepixel will always animate intuitive, fluid and attractive in 2D or 3D space. No animation just to animate, but to strengthen the user experience and content. Because these animations are programmed, they can be built so that they adapt live to changing circumstances and data of all shapes and sizes, such as previous learning results of the user, fysical sensors on the smartphone or the like. I would like to tell you more about the endless possibilities.

  8. 8

    Usage results of an interactive are measurable

    Your interactive can be linked to Google Analytics or a system of choice to measure user results. This way you know exactly how the interactive is used and how the results of users are.

  9. 9

    The interactive works on all modern devices and is technically fully optimized

    A high loading speed of your online interactive is essential. This is crucial, especially on mobile devices. Does loading take a long time or are animations running slow? Then the modern visitor is gone soon. Who likes to wait? Wigglepixel ensures that your interactive performance is as optimal as possible and has years of experience in specialist optimization techniques in the field of interactives and online animations.

  10. 10

    The interactive can be integrated into your website, standalone on a touchscreen, or both

    You want to integrate the interactive on your online e-learning website? Or run it standalone on a touchscreen in your museum or on a digiboard in the classroom? Or maybe even both? Wigglepixel can make your interactive suitable to be able to run both via your website online and on a standalone touchscreen, even without an internet connection.

Why Wigglepixel?

  • Specialist


    Designers and developers are not always fully aware of each other's capabilities. This often leads to unnecessary compromises, miscommunication and corrections.

    I skip these steps.

    By fully focusing on the interactive graphical area as a specialist, I am able to let the creative process do its work as well as think along with you in technical capabilities right from the start.

  • Quality


    Price fighters promise great value for little money. But this mostly turns out to be a source of frustration as a result of non-working techniques and sky-high bills due to unforeseen circumstances.

    I rather tell you the honest story.

    This not only provides you and your clients a better user experience and a pleasant collaboration. Well thought-out solutions need little to no maintenance. Which will quickly save your organization a lot of money and creates more sales and satisfied customers.

  • Customer-Focused


    Of course I like to make the most innovative and beautiful award-winning creations for your organization. At the same time I always remain aware that you also have other interests, such as deadlines, financial resources and priorities.

    Where possible, I think along with you for the best possible result.

    I like to communicate openly and clearly and I am committed to invest in long-term collaborations.

Questions? Or want to discuss your new project?

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