Wigglepixel is specialist in creative and efficient custom-made Interactive Maps and Christmas Cards for Websites and Touch Screens. Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

  • Specialist


    Designers and developers are not always fully aware of each other's capabilities. This often leads to unnecessary compromises, miscommunication and corrections.

    I skip these steps.

    By fully focusing on the interactive graphical area as a specialist, I am able to let the creative process do its work as well as think along with you in technical capabilities right from the start.

  • Quality


    Price fighters promise great value for little money. But this mostly turns out to be a source of frustration as a result of non-working techniques and sky-high bills due to unforeseen circumstances.

    I rather tell you the honest story.

    This not only provides you and your clients a better user experience and a pleasant collaboration. Well thought-out solutions need little to no maintenance. Which will quickly save your organization a lot of money and creates more sales and satisfied customers.

  • Customer-Focused


    Of course I like to make the most innovative and beautiful award-winning creations for your organization. At the same time I always remain aware that you also have other interests, such as deadlines, financial resources and priorities.

    Where possible, I think along with you for the best possible result.

    I like to communicate openly and clearly and I am committed to invest in long-term collaborations.

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